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What is it like having counselling and

psychotherapy with me?



...experiencing a safe, confidential, non-judgmental, supportive environment.

...a time when nothing is expected of you.

...when you can talk about anything… or not talk if you don’t feel like it. giving you the emotional support you need.


...not me talking about myself or me giving my opinions. This time is for you and about you.

...not me pushing you to talk about unbearable things.

Why and how psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy works?

It is a rare opportunity in our lives to have someone to be there just for you.

It helps you to identify life-long patterns and anxieties that are unhelpful and understanding why they exist in the first place.

By bringing them to the surface and understanding them, these patterns can be broken, longer-lasting change can occur, and life can feel less stuck.

Why do we meet on the same day at the same time every week?

A consistent and reliable relationship can offer a predictability and safety that is emotionally holding.

How do I choose which therapy and therapist?

There are many types of therapy and many therapists to choose from. It can be confusing and difficult.

Whatever type of therapy feels right for you, it's the relationship with the counsellor or psychotherapist that is the most important factor for helping you with your mental and emotional health issues and current situation.

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